92-Year-Old Local Hero Shovels Snow For His Neighbor

A 92-year-old man was out shoveling snow for his neighbors in the freezing cold temperatures in Arkansas.

It was just three degrees outside when 92-year-old Bella Vista resident Leroy Kostka began shoveling snow in Jen Sheridan’s driveway.

“Everyone should have a 92-year-old neighbor-hero who brings a snow shovel and shovels your driveway and front porch off,” Sheridan wrote in Facebook post.

Leroy, a World War II Air Force veteran, married the love of his life, while serving in Germany. After the war, Anni and Leroy returned to the states, and eventually retired in Bella Vista.

“They’ve been here nearly 30 years,” said Sheridan. “The entire neighborhood loves them dearly, from 20-somethings to 80-year-old widows.”

“I love this man,” one user commented.

“What a stud,” wrote another.

Sheridan added thet Leroy often comes by to play with her dog, Maggie. She says Leroy and Anni are a local treasure.

“As people watch Leroy and Anni do things for other people, a younger generation witnesses and learns how to build community,” Sheridan said. “The random acts of kindness are what Leroy and Anni’s legacy is to our community.”